BEST FILM: “Autumn Blood” Markus Blunder

BEST DIRECTOR: Markus Blunder for “Autumn Blood”

BEST MALE INTERPRETATION: Chris Cleveland for “Living Dark”

BEST FEMALE INTERPRETATION: Ashley C Williams for “Julia”

SPECIAL MENTION: David Hunt, director of “Living Dark” and Alexandra Essoe, Interpretation for Starry Eyes

JULIA (2014)
Remarkable “Rape & Revenge” which introduces us to Julia (Ashley C. Williams, one of the “Human Centipede parts” in The Human Centipede, Tom Six, 2009) who is abused, raped and left for dead. A neo-noir Japanese style revenge movie with sometoppings of the new wave of American Independent terror. The debutant director Matthew A. Brown, directs, writes and produces a disturbing and shameless movie with a prominent in crescendo pace. It can leave neither women nor men feeling indifferent…

EXISTS (2014) – Spanish Premier

A found footage directed by the Cuban filmmaker Eduardo Sanchez one of the creators of “The Blair Witch Project”. Fifteen years later, the director blends horror and action to offer us one of the most ambitious found footage ever filmed. Since the beginning of the film, we will see as how one of the fathers of the genre (along with Daniel Myrick) introduces pure action avoiding in a very imaginative way the typical, never-ending, tedious, irritating and useless introductions of this type of movies. Undoubtedly this is one of the big titles of the edition … and will watch it as a Spanish premiere.


This film is a journey through the bowels of the famous but mostly unknown Hollywood. A persistent and persuasive girl named Sarah Walker is willing to do anything to achieve her most cherished dream … The plot that evolves constantly to surprise the viewer and some Lynch and Cronenberg “toppings” make the film a very exciting and stimulating experience. In short, a visceral dark film without any remorse of the ambitions of the film industry in Hollywood.

LET US PREY (2014)

If one word describes perfectly the essence of this film, this is mystery. Since its first frame, the film gives us the feeling of not fully understanding what is going on, but all part of the game that we invited the director. Our mysterious preacher has everything under control and as the filmdraws on the story will become clearer. Quite bloody and gory, the film will delight all blood and guts lovers. Pollyanna McIntosh’s performance as femme fatale is more than remarkable.

LIVING DARK (2014) – Spanish Premier

2001, Ted and his brother have just buried his father. While returning home after the funeral they come across a mysterious cave. Intrigued, they decide to dig into it to find out why someone didn’t finish the work. All their findings are being uploaded to the net until May the 19th, 2001. This is the starting point of Living Dark, a suffocating horror film that reminds The Descent (Neil Marshall, 2005). Despite the fact that is a low budget movie it’s well-crafted and directed, which makes it a really claustrophobic film. We could say that this film is the most independent one of this edition. Note that he script is based on an internet story, so we may never know if it truly happened or not … disturbing, or?


This isa very energetic Catalan production that has a great script and has some awesome Hollywood style settings. Directed by Marc Carreté, a man and a teenager are heading towards an unrevealed countdown dark journey. One of the coolest and amazing productions from our country of the last years; fans of the genre will enjoy it. For the first time, a Catalan film will join our Feature Films Official Section. Do not miss it.

SUBURBAN GOTHIC (2014) – Spanish Premier

This is the new film from director Richard Bates Jr who directed the award winning and controversial “Excision” and which we could see in 2012 edition. This time it is a quite different registry. He brings us a scathing terror comedy, full of ghosts and black humor. Raymond is a guy who has the ability to see things that regular people cannot see. In his daily routine he has to struggle with ghosts and other unpleasant creatures from the beyond. When he returns to his home town, he will face not only his classmates, who had always bullied him, but also he and his friend Becca will be the ones capable of dealing with a ghost threatening their small and peaceful village.


This film is going to be the culmination of this festival edition. It´s the new project of the director Guy Pigden, a hilarious comedy about zombies that will be the end of the 12 hours marathon. It might be the naughtiest film that we have had for the last years. It is full of stereotyped characters and weird and hilarious situations. Get ready to go along with Wesley Pennington through his adventures in the shooting of a New Zealander zombie film. It was A quite difficult shooting because of the requests of the main characters, and the real zombies that are going to threaten them.


The new film of the Argentinian director Martin De Salvo can show off of having a terror atmosphere, an enviable photography and a surprising script. It has achieved an amount of fantastic reviews from the specialized press. A rabies outbreak in an isolated town. The doctor´s daughter is at home alone with a strange and fast spreading epidemic illness.

AUTUMN BLOOD (2013) – Spanish Premier

A survival in an idyllic landscape, this is what we could say about this film in a sentence. Maybe, this is Sophie Lowe´s best interpretation ever. We are facing a film that shows a lot without many words. The mother´s death leaves two orphan children and a troubled father for his family secrets. The town is wary with this family due to their old vendettas. They will use this situation to brutally assault the oldest daughter when they find her alone and defenseless in the woods.

THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET (2014) – Catalan Premier

Every year the festival presents an uncommon film, and this is our big bet. This is a violent and cold movie just as its main character. Its brevity, violence and mysterious atmosphere are going to leave you glued to the screen. The Armenian Aik Karapetian, writes and directs this sensational violent and terror film, where we will follow the adventures of its main character. Dan is a tormented and light minded man that prefers hitting rather than speaking to express his feelings.

CLOSER TO GOD (Billy Senese, 2014) – European Premier

From the myth of Frankenstein, born from Mary Shelley’s mind, the man has tried to create life artificially. Closer to God approaches that myth from a genetic perspective by cloning. A low-budget independent film that has nothing to envy to greater productions. With a great script Closer to God will delight lovers of independent cinema.

PHOBIA (Rory Douglas Abel, 2013) – Spanish Premier

Spiders, claustrophobic environments, rats, blood … the phobias are recurring themes in the horror genre. This film presents a man who is phobic. Phobia is another independent films which will participate in the official section this year. This low budget film has a brilliant idea and the right actors to explain it.

BERKSHIRE COUNTY (Audrey Cummings, 2014) – European Premier

If there is a sub-genre within the horror that has given great myths, such as Myers and Jason among others, has filled up theaters and has enlarged our video libraries with remakes and sequels these are the Slashers. Bershire County is without doubt a great Slasher, Home Invasion kind of. Funny in the beginning and forceful as it goes on, the director Audrey Cummings brings one of the coolest slashers of the last years. A movie not to be missed in rigorous European premiere.

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