Official Shortfilms contest nominated 2012


On September 17th the registration of Short Film Contest ended. We have received more than 90 shorts from all over Spain but also some others from Argentina, France, Italy, USA, Australia, UK…

After making our selection, you can find the list of semifinalists (Friday 2th at 20:00h) and final (Friday 2th at 22:00h) in the Short Film Contest section.

Thanks to the participants, year after year make the selection is more difficult, for the quality of many of the short films specially since some of you do not have the resources to make them, but you have talent , which we do not forget at all and appreciate that much. We would like to release all the short films received, but it is impossible due to the lack of time and during the Festival although we are working on this to make it possible in near future.

Thank you again.

The Official Shortfilm selection is:


ALISTAIR [Aaron Cartwright · Australia]
LOT254 [Toby Meakins · UK]
5º IZQUIERDA [Manuel Abrisqueta · Murcia]
CÁLIDA CUNA [Javier Beltrán · Zaragoza]
MAMÁ [K.Prada & J.Prada · Madrid]
ELLA [Dan Gitsham · UK]
FOTO [Ismael Ferrer · Madrid]
HAMBRE [Mario de la Torre · Huelva]
LA CRUZ [Alberto Evangelio · Valencia]
LA ÚLTIMA VÍCTIMA [Ángel Gómez Hernández · Málaga]
SHE’S LOST CONTROL [Haritz Zubillaga · Bizkaia]


ALEXIS [Alberto Evangelio · Valencia]
CARTAGENA 169 [Pablo Amodia – Cantabria]
OPTIMA LIFE [César Espada - Madrid]
BARIKU LIGHT [Asier Abio · Bizkaia]
OSCURO RESPLANDOR [Rafa Dengrà · Barcelona]
ROUGE, ROUGE, ROUGE [Guillermo Ruiz · Barcelona]
THE YELLOW RIBBON [Carlos Marques Marcet · Barcelona]
SINK HOLE [Greg Hanson · USA]
WALKIE TALKIE [Rubén Perez · Zaragoza]