The dates this year are from the 29th October to Sunday 3 November 2013.
We also announce that you can find in the site of the festival, duly updated, all bases of the different competitions organized by the Festival, i.e. the 12th Horror and Gore Short-films competition and the 3rd Feature Films competition. All these rules can be downloaded.

The precarious economic situation is opening the way for new collaborations, though there have always been currently increased. These synergies enable many projects to stay alive with dignity. In our case, due to budget cuts, the audience economic award was taken away, and remains at present unfortunately. But, the prestigious distributor Promofest gave us the chance to relieve the situation, in a way, with a new award, which is free shipping to 50 festivals and competitions to be awardable for the best Latin American short-film throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The winner will choose by a new Young Jury, made up of young five young people between 18 and 25. We hope that such cooperation will increase in all areas of culture and slap on the Ministry of Culture’s face.

Those interested in joining the Youth Jury, find all information in the Festival website.

3) TRIBUTE 2013; censorship horror films
Lately, censorship has decreased significantly and this has been noted in countries so used to prohibit films as the UK, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Singapore and Australia, although many of them, including the U.S. , make the trick not to classy them to get rid of the problem, what notoriously damages films commerciality. Media professionals,distributors and exhibitors are, eventually prefer not to risk their investment if anyassociations or any other kind of group may challenge the film to prohibit it.

Citing moral, political, ethical, ideological etc.. some few individuals granted themselvesthe right from the ancient times to guide the crowd, in the interest of keeping them as closeas possible to savagery to be the leaders.

Interestingly, since Franco died, Spain hasn’t cut or ban many films but in the last twoyears, there have been at least one well known case that has alert the sector and the public. We don’t like that and we truly believe that this can put the culture at risk.

Therefore, in 2013 the Festival have decided to honor all the people that has been somehow affected in one way or another by the censorship in all its forms. Hence a retrospective dedicated to films that suffer it will be projected. We are looking forward to watch the full version …. as a gift to the public.