We like young directors’ success, especially when they are good friends of our Festival. In fact one of the main objectives of Terrormolins is just that, to do our bit to make that novice filmmakers who have participated in our Festival achieve their goals.
Therefore, it makes us very excited that firstly, Andy Muschietti is enjoying such a big success with his movie ‘Mama’, based on a short film that won several prizes in our Short Films Competition in 2009; in addition Eric Falardeau, has succeeded in distributing last year’s Feature Film winner “Thanatomorphose” in the Spanish market. The distributor Tyrannosaurus Entertainment has acquired the film rights and will edit and distribute the DVD which will include some extra contents such as an interview with Canadian director, a making-off and some of his previous short films.
The case of Andy Muschietti is amazingly spectacular. In December 2012 his first film ‘Mama’ was released in USA, through the sponsorship of Guillermo Toro, and since then it has been on top of the list for several weeks!
The short-film (called ‘Mama’ as well) already had a successful tour in 2009, especially in our Festival where it won many prizes, but having such a big impact on a global level, it is really remarkable. We are looking forward to watch the in Spain.
Congratulations Andy and Eric.