JULIA: First Feature Films Official Section this year


We are proud to announce that the thrilling film JULIA will join the Feature Films Official Section this year. Remarkable “Rape & Revenge” which introduces us to Julia (Ashley C. Williams, one of the “Human Centipede parts” in The Human Centipede, Tom Six, 2009) who is abused, raped and left for dead. A neo-noir Japanese style revenge movie with sometoppings of the new wave of American... [ + ]

European Fantastic Film Federation: New Member


Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival is glad to announce that we received great news from the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. Our application was accepted hence our Festival has become a member of such prestigious Federation. Not so long ago we were not even considering if the possibility of belonging to the Federation and have the privilege to give a Méliès d’Argent award to the ... [ + ]



Nobody complains of what is good . Is always attractive vision of a burly guy with a hard ass kissing and caressing ample breasts of a beautiful young girl, linking her trembling lips moments before a large, sharp knife slices them unceremoniously. The electrifying seduction of a Count to their victims and a bite as an allegory of the sexual act. Torn clothes suggests areas of the body where there... [ + ]

Found wins the audience award


AUDIENCE AWARD AND YOUNG JURY PRIZES Last week closed the 32nd Film Festival Horror Molins de Rei, now we present the Audience Award , the Youth Jury prize for best film and prize Promofest . The Audience Award is for “Found ” directed by Scott Schirmer , ” VHS 2″ was in second place and ” Mon Ami ” third. The Youth Jury, consisting of Sandra Astor, Pol Cortecans... [ + ]

Palmarés de Cortos y Microrelatos


El palmarés de los ganadores del XII Concurso de Cortometrages de terror y gore otorgado por el Jurado formado por: Éric Falardeau, Christian Hallman, Julian Richards, Jordi Batlle Caminal y Javi Rueda fue el siguiente: 1r premio del Jurado: “De noche y de pronto” Arantxa Echevarría 2n premio del Jurado: “No mires ahí” Daniel Romero Premio Victor Israel a la major interpretación: Javier... [ + ]